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Our skin should protect us from external stress, contamination and other external factors that affect the skin, so it is important how we handle it and what we use for skin care products. Important is also how we live if we exercise if we eat healthy, smoke, etc. It all affects our skin. With cold-pressed oils, the right pH and natural ingredients, your skin gives a nice luster and good balance of antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements. There are no miracle creams but with the right products you get a beautiful skin that you can be proud of.



After using and selling natural skin care products for many years, I came into contact with an herbal therapist who raised my interest in the healing properties of herbs. After training courses on how to make skin care products, I started to produce a variety of skin care products with organic cold pressed oils, I use only essential oils like scent making. I also do not use any animal ingredients, the only thing I use is Bivax. Some of the herbs pick me up and dry like the cod to the salmon ointment that I pick from the tribes of the spruce.